Crash course in Design Thinking

This week, the 4th semester MSW students could benefit from a 1.5-day immersion training in Design Thinking given by international consultants, Franco Buehlmann and Maike Pohl from Accenture. The 32 students got a 360° view on Design Thinking: philosophy, mindset, process, success stories, methods and tools. They learned new ways to discover and define needs, to generate truly innovative ideas, and to prototype and test their solution designs. The session alternated short concept and tool introductions with group work such as interviews, brainstorming or design exercises to apply theory immediately in practice – throughout in an interactive, collaborative and playful way, including some games to spark creative out-of-the-box thinking. The entire training was built on the theme of “plastic waste” which guided participants end-to-end through the whole design thinking process, from discovery over problem definition and ideation, to prototyping and testing of their solution proposals.

The Way forward for the Hub Jorhat

In April, a two-day Design Thinking training will be offered to staff members of Bosco Institute and partner NGOs as a train-the-trainer session with special focus on Design Thinking for entrepreneurs. As part of the Innovation Hub initiative, we plan to integrate Design Thinking in the course program/curriculum with regular training sessions for students, future entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs developing their businesses. Stay tuned for more information!

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