We have 19 new trained Design Thinking coaches for Northeast India!

From April 24 to 27, a 4-day Train-the-Trainer course in Design Thinking took place at Bosco Institute in Jorhat as part of the HUBs NGO capacity building efforts. After an introduction into the Design Thinking philosophy, mindset, methods, and tools, the participants worked in groups on designing a solution for a self-selected problem over the first 3 days of the course. The 4 groups produced innovative ideas around the leading themes agriculture, food, and safety: flexible vertical farming solution with smart irrigation, agriculture worker retention incentive scheme, food waste reduction and distribution solution, construction worker safety kit. Day 3 was concluded with a session on the applicability of Design Thinking in daily work where the participants had to plan a workshop with Design Thinking elements on a self-chosen topic of relevance.

On day 4, the participants joined new groups and had the challenging task of designing a game with an educational purpose to improve a “life skill” for school children under strict timeboxing. This final day had the purpose to repeat the Design Thinking process under time-pressure and in a different context. It was great fun to play the four developed games targeted at improving self-esteem, motivation, decision-making, and teamwork. Participants said that this day helped them better understand the relevance and applicability of Design Thinking for their organizations and their daily work in the field.
This course was also the premiere for the Turbit MakerSpace, a collaborative workspace for prototyping, making, learning, exploring and sharing that is equipped with a wide range of tools and materials: After a guided tour through the MakerSpace on the first evening, the participants worked on their prototypes on the following days and explored the MakerSpace infrastructure, materials, and tools in practice. Participants loved this experience that they described in their course feedbacks as key enabler for designing solutions and great fun activity.

The training was given by Franco Buehlmann and Maike Pohl from Accenture. Among the participants were members of the HUB, Turbit MakerSpace, Childaid Network, DKA, Bosco Institute teachers, as well as “Youth Involve” fellows from CAN Youth and from Serendip Guardians, two youth-led NGOs based in Dimapur, Nagaland. Youth Involve is an initiative of the Bosco Institute Jorhat that offers fellowships to its students and alumni that lead social and entrepreneurial initiatives and start organizations or social change programs of their own.

We congratulate all participants for their course accomplishment and wish them a lot of success and pleasure in bringing Design Thinking to their organizations, projects, and partners.

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