Summer Camp 2023: A Journey of Innovation and Exploration


As the scorching sun bathes us in its golden rays, the much-awaited Summer Camps have made a delightful return this year! The Makerspace, true to its tradition, has once again organized its customary 15 to 30 days of summer Innovation camps for students. These camps provide a unique opportunity for young minds to venture beyond academics, unlocking their potential, and learning new skills during the lazy and seemingly endless summer days. The goal is to enrich their knowledge and experiences, paving the way for a brighter future. With the Summer Camps launching on the 3rd of July, it’s been an incredible journey of creativity and growth.

Expanding Horizons:

The Summer Camps have been an exciting affair, engaging with 10 government lower primary and middle schools in Jorhat, and there’s even more in store! Through captivating Art-related activities like Mandala Art and 3D Pop Art, these schools have been able to immerse themselves in the world of creativity for two memorable days. Witnessing the spark of curiosity in the eyes of the participants has been truly heartwarming.

Nurturing Creativity:

The main objective of these camps is to foster a spirit of innovation and exploration among the students. Beyond the confines of regular classrooms, they have had the chance to embrace their artistic side and unleash their imaginations. For many of them, this experience has been eye-opening, discovering hidden talents and newfound passions.

Looking Ahead:

As we approach the mid-August conclusion of the Summer Camps, it fills our hearts with pride to see how much the participants have grown in such a short time. The overwhelming interest they have exhibited in learning more about these activities has encouraged us to plan even grander things. In the future, we aim to organize Winter camps as well, ensuring that the creative fire keeps burning throughout the year.

Winter Camps: A New Frontier

The success of the Summer Camps has motivated us to venture into unexplored territories with Winter camps. With the cooler winds blowing, we hope to present even better and more exciting content to captivate the young minds once again. As we continue to curate unique activities, we envision the Winter camps to be a delightful blend of learning and enjoyment.

Beyond the Camps: Plastic Basket Making Workshop

In May 2023, Makerspace conducted a paid pilot workshop on Plastic Basket Making. The purpose of this training was twofold: first, to refine the design and planning of future workshops, and secondly, to explore viable prospects that align with the vision of Makerspace. The workshop was a resounding success, and the positive response from the participants has spurred us on to explore more such opportunities in the future.

Closing Thoughts:

As the Summer Camps draw to a close, we feel a sense of accomplishment in nurturing young talents and providing them with a platform to explore their passions. The journey of innovation and exploration has been remarkable, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed to making it a success – the dedicated team, enthusiastic participants, and supportive schools.

To all the young innovators who walked this path with us, we hope you carry the spirit of creativity and curiosity in your hearts, shaping a future that knows no bounds. Until we meet again for the Winter camps, keep dreaming big, keep experimenting, and keep pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve.

May the seeds of innovation planted during these summer days bloom into a garden of endless possibilities!

The Makerspace has been designed and developed by Turbit – a startup from Shillong, Meghalaya as the name indicates is a place for ‘makers’, the creative buffs, artist, craft makers and innovators.

Stay curious, stay creative!

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